Visual Inspection and Secondary Packaging

As downstream processes, we offer standardized but also customized visual inspection, container closure integrity testing (CCIT), device assembly, labelling and final packaging. For small and very small quantities in clinical phases, we offer these services with manual or semi-automated process steps.

For commercial products, we perform these processes fully automated by using the latest state-of-the-art technologies from companies like Körber Pharma, Herma and groninger. These services can be offered as an end-to-end service including filling of the product or as a stand-alone-service.

Project enquiries to Thorsten Häfner
Phone: +49 172 3213362

Our Services as CDMO for Clinical Phases at a Glance

  • Manual visual inspection control with 100 %
  • Container Closure Integrity Testing (CCI)
  • Manual labeling
  • Manual secondary packaging

Our Services as CDMO for Commercial Phases at a Glance

  • Fully automated visual inspection with 100 %
  • Container Closure Integrity Testing (CCI)
  • Fully automated labeling
  • Fully automated secondary packaging