Take a look behind the scenes of PSM GmbH

Diligent work is underway at the Pharmacampus in Schiffweiler and the first pharmaceuticals have been successfully filled for our clients. Explore our brand-new building, fill & finish equipment, labs and cleanrooms and join us in our day-to-day activities at PSM.

Due to our strong growth in the industry segment Pharma, we have a variety of vacant jobs available for 2024.

Please find our open positions at psm-saar.de/jobs

PSM GmbH – Pharma CDMO at the FAT at Körber in Munich

Congratulations Körber Pharma on passing the FAT. Thank you for the kind support and commitment of the Körber team. We are impressed by the smooth and perfect FAT runs with the two new visual inspection machines. Already delivered and installed at our site in Schiffweiler / Germany, these fully automated visual inspection machines for vials and syringes with a 100% Container Closure Integrity Test (CCI) complete our machine portfolio finally. As PSM, we are now able to offer manual visual inspections for small batches and fully automated visual inspection for mid-size batches to ensure the highest level of safety for pharma products.

PSM meets TechnoPharm:

We are very happy to present our state-of-the-art and EU GMP Annex 1 compliance facility at the latest edition of TechnoPharm.

Our VP Business Develpment Thorsten Haefner gives an insight together with Julian Petersen about the use of robotics for small batches and how to meet latest regulatory requirements.

Article in the newspaper: TechnoPharm

Special thanks to Sebastian Hillbrand and Richard Denk for their contribution.

Advertisement by PSM GmbH in “Saar-Impuls”

The PSM GmbH appeared in the special edition of the Saarbrücker Zeitung on April 21, 2023, with an advertisement. You can find the PSM GmbH advertisement on page 9. Read many informative articles on the topics of “People and Markets” and “Innovation and Change.”

You can download the PDF here.

Saarbrücker Zeitung – Menschen und Märkte / Erscheinungsdatum: 21.04.2023

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PSM GmbH – is your ideal Partner in the Field of Clinical Phases and Fill & Finish Services

Have you ever wondered where to fill small batches for clinical trials in Germany?

With our state-of-the-art technologies for flexible aseptic fill & finish serves, we serve our clients to meet their regulatory requirements for vials, pre-filled syringes or cartridges. Our capabilities range from products like small molecules to BSL 2 and OEB 5 requirements.

GMP approval achieved

On 14.02. PSM GmbH had the pleasure to host the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, Women and Health for the GMP inspection of the lab s in Schiffweiler. We thank the inspectors for the enriching discussions and are very pleased to have received the GMP certificate! Another milestone is achieved …

Die “flexfill” filling line in the PSM GmbH

In the PSM GmbH – Pharma CDMO – Presentation of “flexfill” filling-line. As a CDMO, our latest state-of-the-art fill & finish technologies allow us to respond fast and flexible to the needs of our customers. Especially in the area of clinical phases but also commercial GMP production of small to medium batch sizes, our equipment offers highest process reliability thanks to scalable processes. Learn more about our flexible filling lines for ready-to-use syringes, vials and cartridges by watching our video.

PSM GmbH at the FAT at Körber in Switzerland

We are very enthusiastic about the fast and flexible production of our new packaging machine. We congratulate Körber on passing the FAT. After passing the test a special tradition takes place at Körber. The PSM is presented with a bell and as soon as it rang, the factory hall applauded. Many thanks for the kind support and commitment of the Körber team. Modular and expandable, the Dividella NeoTOP x offers the maximum flexibility of vials, syringes, injectors, ampoules, blisters, and almost unlimited other pharmaceutical products. The machine is adapted to the specific requirements of pharmaceutical production. It is ideally suited for the production of small to medium batch sizes.

Introduction into the API manufacturing cleanrooms class D

Our extension project for our services in the area of API Manufacturing, Product- and Process Development and aseptic Fill & Finish for small to mid-size batches is about to be commissioned and qualified. In the upcoming months, we will give you a close insight to our cleanrooms, facilities and technologies.

Stay tuned …