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PSM fills 3 ML Ready-to-Use Cartridges successfully for Pen Applications  

With the implementation of ready-to-use aseptic filling line, PSM has the capabilities of processing pre-sterilized syringes, vials and cartridges. The first cartridges were being filled for a small scale R&D application recently.

With e.g. the GLP1 insulin has been growing significantly over the last years, also the demand for filling capacities for pre-crimped cartridges for smaller batches has increased.

In the GMP lab scale, PSM can fill and close around 500 cartridges per day. In clinical phases 2 and 3, as well as in subsequent commercial manufacturing, up to 7,000 units per hour can be processed.

All Fill & Finish solutions can be executed with vacuum stoppering. This is extremely important, especially when a high stopper position accuracy is required and also if there is the requirement for a very low residual air bubble. Both parameters can be extremely important when using a pre-crimped cartridge in traditional pen technologies.