Part 2: The control cabinets for the filling line are installed with a crane

An exciting day at PSM GmbH, the switch cabinets are inserted by crane over the roof through the window. The control center for the groninger filling plant is completely wired and installed after about a week. A strong performance by the assembly team, with sensitivity and precision the elements are assembled perfectly.


Construction dokumentation 12-08-2022

The hall for GMP secondary packaging is being built. This is where the quarantine storage, as well as the visual inspection, leak test and secondary packaging in mono-material will take place for a better carbon footprint.

Construction dokumentation 08-12-2021

Our clean rooms are slowly shining in their new splendour, even if they are not yet finished. On the intermediate ceiling, things look quite different in the meantime. Some technical equipment has been installed so that the conditions in the hall meet the high standards.

Construction dokumentation 14-10-2021

In September 2021, the first aerial photos were taken in the sunny evening light. Production is already underway in some of the buildings and things are progressing wonderfully on the construction site.