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Ministry of Economics supports PharmaCampus Schiffweiler

Minister of Economic Affairs Anke Rehlinger presented the new Saarland alliance of companies consisting of Pharmalytics GmbH and PSM GmbH with a grant of 6.8 million euros. The grant flows from funds for the improvement of the regional economic structure.

With a total investment in the double-digit millions, the complete chain of pharmaceutical production is to be created at the PharmaCampus Schiffweiler. The project comprises two buildings, one of which has an office wing and state-of-the-art laboratory facilities for the development of new drugs. In the second building there are synthesis rooms for active substances, as well as production rooms for finished medicinal products with a robotics production facility, which is also suitable for vaccine production. A total of about 180 employees will work in the two buildings.

One advantage of the alliance of companies is the service and expertise from a single source: from the production of active substances, formulation development, the production of clinical trial samples to the finished medicinal product including marketing authorisation, everything can be represented at this location.

Minister of Economic Affairs Anke Rehlinger: “The Corona pandemic in particular taught us how important fast and direct routes to medical products are. The dependence on third countries for medical raw materials has in some cases been an unsustainable state of affairs. Narcotics for the ventilation of Corona patients were in short supply. There were shortages of insulin and even pain medication could not be adequately provided. This project contributes to ensuring the basic supply of pharmaceuticals in Germany. I am particularly pleased that around 46 new jobs are to be created at the Schiffweiler site.”

Managing Director Bianca Bohrer sees the current Corona situation in particular as an opportunity to strengthen the independence of pharmaceutical supply through the PharmaCampus Schiffweiler.

On the distribution of tasks:
Pharmalytics GmbH takes over the synthesis of bottleneck raw materials. PSM GmbH then produces predominantly sterile finished medicinal products from these and other active ingredients. In addition to the main customers in the pharmaceutical industry (e.g. Bayer, Böhringer, Pfizer, Novartis), the company also plans to manufacture its own products in the future.